Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Pandharpur
Sr. No.AuthorNameTitle
1 Faculty Sridevi Seshabhattar, B. P. Ronge, Dileep Vakulabharanam Alloy Destabilization Behavior of Cu-Ni Thin Films on Si during Solid State Dewetting
2 Faculty Anil B. Shinde Design and Analysis of Y Shaped Micro-Mixer with Different Configuration of Obstacles
3 Faculty A.D.Landge Experimental Study of Iodine Removal Efficiency in Self-Priming Venturi Scrubber
4 Faculty Avinash Mote The Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Thermal Properties of SiCf/SiC CMC: An overvie
5 Faculty B. D. Gaikwad Design Analysis for Improvement of Manufacturing Process for Minimizing the Failures Modes of Chain Assembly
6 Faculty Nagaraju Gaddam Power Quality Improvement For Conventional Electronic Load Controller
7 Faculty L. B. Raut Performance Testing of HC900 Controller based Speed control system for DC Motor
8 Faculty R.R.Gidde Experimental Study of Single row Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Influence of Defect Size, Defect Location, Speed and Load on Vibrations
9 Faculty Shrikrushna B. Bhosale Comparison of DOE Approaches in Optimization of Surface Roughness in Precision Cylindrical Grinding of HCHC Steel
10 Faculty Sunil. S. Gaikwad Fatigue Analysis of a Compression Spring Used in Two-Wheeler Horn
11 Faculty Sandip S. Wangikar Development and Analysis of Shutter Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
12 Faculty Shubhash V. Jadhav Heat sinks for electronic cooling application
13 Faculty Vinayak Honnutagi Static and modal analysis of engine cover for different thermoplastic materials - A Finite Element (FE) study
14 UG Final Year Student Bansode Shreyas Jadhav Suyog Kadam Abhishek, Gade Prashant Design and Development of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
15 UG Final Year Student Chaitanya R. Kulkarni, Shrikrishna R. Wagaonkar, Rohan M. Dhotre and Bhausaheb N.Kakekar Under Vehicle Survilliance & Duct Cleaner Robot
16 UG Final Year Student Basavaraj Indi Design and Analysis of Micro-Fluidic Channel of Different Configurations
17 UG Final Year Student Vinit Jadhav, Anuj Chhetri, Akash Pawar Amit Thombare Design and development of centrifuge Oil Cleaner
18 UG Non Final Year Student Akash Haste The Problem Of Controlling Four-Stroke Engines; The Need To Alter The Conventional Method, As Justified By The Example Of Otto Engine
19 UG Non Final Year Student Ajit Parade, Kiran Kale, Prashant Jagtap and Aadilshah Patel Gravity Bulb-The GRAVITY-powered lamp that could bring 1.5billion people out of the darkness
20 UG Non Final Year Student Kajol Kadam, The Tool Which Can Fly
21 UG Non Final Year Student Vinaya Katkar A Sugarcane Cutter